Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Your Eyes Sparkle

I have wonderful friends who build each other up and we are always complimenting each other. It really does make me smile when they say they like something I'm wearing or if my makeup looks on fleek that day but after a while I've gotten used to the compliments. I know they still mean them whole-heartedly but hearing the compliments from the same people after a while gets a little old. 

My father has always been one to encourage me and build me up. Being his only child and a daughter I would say that yes I am his princess. He doesn't compliment me always but when he does again it's with complete love and sincerity. Although being a father he's not always the best with words so it's usually something generic like "you look really nice" or "you're beautiful today". Thank you dad, I love you too.

I have to say though that the one compliment I have received that has always stuck with me and will make my heart soar above the clouds is "You're smile is beautiful but what is better is that your eyes sparkle when you smile. It's stunning".

Like wow. Okay. I just died.

Your eyes sparkle.

I don't know what it is about those three words but they just make me unbelievably happy. Just knowing now that when I smile my eyes sparkle with the smile makes me smile even bigger in hopes that those sparkles shine brighter. Knowing that when I smile someone can see the joy from that smile in my eyes tells me that I understand what true happiness is. 

I know it is simple and maybe a little superficial but that is one thing that someone has told me that will always stick with me. The next man I fall in love with will be told of this comment and told to use it sparingly but if used it will make me swoon and fall even more head over heels for them. 

What is something that someone has told you that will always stick with you? Good or bad because whatever it is we grow from it and become better people because of it.


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