Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pet Peeves

There are just some things that really drive people bonkers. Everyone has at least one thing that others do that drive them up the wall. Society likes to call these lovely things pet peeves. When thinking about my pet peeves I can't really pin point what they are but when people do these actions I know immediately that's something I can't stand. So here are my top three that come to mind right now. I have to say though I get peeved easily by a lot of things, oops!

1. People who chew with their mouths open
My father is a chef so from a young age I learned to  try everything, appreciate good food, and know what correct table/restaurant manners were. People who chew with their mouths open was one thing I was told that is very rude and not acceptable. Now whenever I encounter someone who does this I loose it. It is gross, disrespectful to the other people sitting at the table with you, and just.....why?? Like if you have put so much food in your mouth you can't close it fully to chew take a step back and don't stuff your face so much. I love food too but come on, be sensible. 

2. Oblivious people in public
So I lived in Chicago for a short time and most everyone on the street is on a mission to get where they need to get to. In general people are aware of what is around them and what they are doing. Being back in Michigan I have noticed people just stand in the middle of sidewalks, the middle of grocery store aisles, and just don't move when you say "excuse me". I should not have to muscle my way past you after asking you to politely move. It's just not polite. Like please people, be more aware for your sake and mine. I don't feel like loosing my temper on an innocent person in public. 

3. Being Late
I have when I am waiting on someone. I hate being late and having friends be late. It's not okay. You should be a few minutes early if not on time. I grew up in the dance world and at a very young age knew that if you weren't at least 15 minutes early to get dressed and warm up you were late and it was not okay. Now don't get me wrong, I will be late if it will only effect me and it is not crucial for me to be to the event right when it starts. That's a different story. But people come on, if someone is waiting on you or you promised to be somewhere at a certain time you better be early. Just saying. I will call you out on it and be a bitch with no regrets about that.

What are some of your pet peeves? Do you have the same as mine? Am I just a crazy person or are these some what reasonable things to get a little upset over?


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