Thursday, March 30, 2017


I find inspiration all around me. If you look at the world with open eyes any little thing can spark some inspiration and creativity. I find though that not only objects inspire me but people do to.

Someone who is motivated, creative, and determined will always inspire me to do great things and push myself as well. I have a good handful of people I can count on that if I go to they will inspire me to do something great. There is one person though that really stands out and has inspired me consistently from a young age.

I grew up taking ballet and falling head over heels for it. My life would not be my life with out dance. As the years passed I had several teachers come and go and many dancing opportunities present themselves. The one teacher who was there from the beginning and someone I still stay in contact with is Miss Robin.

The best way to describe her is that she a real life fairy godmother. She is whimsical, beautiful, kind, caring, and an all around good human. She had been dancing all of her life as well. I took several classes and trained with her for a long time during the school year but over the summer she would run an independent ballet camp/performance series.

We had created our own little ballet company where we would train and help create choreography for Miss Robin's ballets. She was an incredible woman because she had written three 2 hour ballets from nothing. She created stories, characters, costumes, and music for all of these ballets. They were all heart warming and whimsical stories that carried a lot of meaning and love in them. Granted Robin did do most of the work but what really made everything special was that she asked for help and inspiration from us dancers and cast to help give the ballets more depth.

Miss Robin is an incredible woman and seeing her do all of this while I was growing up inspired me and showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to if I just put in a little hard work. I have to take the criticism from others and use that as fuel to keep pushing through and working. There will always be people trying to push you down but you just have to get up and brush the dust off and keep moving.

I love Miss Robin and she is the reason I am still dancing today and why I love teaching ballet. I hope that one day I can inspire a little dancer to pursue her dreams and keep training no matter what just like Miss Robin did for me. The ballet world is a tough and mean place sometimes but if you keep pushing through the end result is stunning.

Who inspires you? Why do they inspire you?


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