Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello, have you seen my brain?

I can't believe it is already the second week of school and I feel like I'm loosing it already.

Rush started for Greek Life this past weekend so it has been a whirlwind week with that plus two jobs, school, and homework (AKA no sleep team over here).

Granted it has been so busy but I am so freaking happy! I love my classes this semester, I love my professors, I love my jobs, and I love my friends/sisters/new friends! I do already feel a break down coming around but I think that is due to lack of sleep so hopefully I will be able to fix that this weekend. Wish me luck on getting there.

So I apologize for giving who ever reads this super sporadic blog posts these next two months. Once rush and G.O. (Greek Orientation) are over I promise to give you more regular posts.

Other then that I hope everyone is doing well to!

How is your new school year going? Are you currently in the rush process as well?


My mama Zoe and I

My home girl B

What a pretty family line we are

We are also a very serious family line

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy 2015

Wow 2014 just sprinted past me. I can't believe we are in the year 2015! It will be a great year, I can feel it.

For New Years Eve I went over to my sororities brother fraternity for a bit. One of the guys was having a Gatsby party so many of us showed up all dolled up. We had fun with dancing and watching the live feed of the New York ball drop.

I did not stay there for midnight because I had promised R that I would come to his house for the new year. It was nice to go to his house with the quiet and low key feeling. We celebrated with lots of food and out parents. It was nice.

I have been thinking about a New Year's resolution and I think I found something that I can stick with. I have promised to read more books that are not for school or "fun" books. I love reading so much and I miss it during the school year so this means I need to watch less Netflix and pick up more books.

Seems easy but I'll keep you posted.

How was your New Years Eve? Do you have a resolution?