Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day Trip and My Dad

So on Tuesday I had a lovely daddy/daughter day with my dad. We decided a couple weeks ago we both wanted to do a day trip to Chicago together before I left for camp for the summer. We sat and planned what day would be best and what we wanted to do, that was decided by wanting to just eat the whole time!

Well the days started to slip away fast and on Tuesday we decided to go! We got up super early and drove down to Michigan City to catch the commuter train. The commuter train is always fun, fast, and much cheaper then the Amtrak. Don't get me wrong, I love Amtrak but if I'm doing a day trip I'd rather catch the train in MC and have a longer day in Chicago.

We got into Chicago about 10:30ish and started towards the loop. I showed my dad where R's dorm was and showed him a few of the stores and cafes we liked to go to down there. From there we trekked over to the Magnificent Mile. Dad and I both wanted to go to Eataly for lunch. Dad had not been there before and I had only ever wandered through and grabbed a treat from the Nutella bar. 

We were seated right away upstairs, we lucked out and got in before the big rush just after 11am. We were seated in a window seat and were able to peer down at the cars going by and the people wandering about down below. All the workers were friendly and nice and made our experience even greater. Dad and I took a long time trying to decide what we wanted because it all looked so good! I picked a pasta dish finally and he picked out a pizza. As soon as the plates were placed on the table dad and I started splitting things up and chowed down. Holy moly was it delish! If you have a chance to eat at Eataly I highly recommend it, it was fantastic! 

The pizza we got had mozzarella, a type of prosciutto, and basil pesto sauce!

The pasta was el dente with a type of parmesan on it as well as some oil and black pepper.

My dad and I share a big love of cheese, we were drooling over all of the cheeses.

Needless to say our first thing in Chicago was a big hit! We were so happy and stuffed after lunch that we had enough energy to continue our day! From Eataly we wondered in and out of countless stores on the Magnificent Mile. We had fun ooh-ing and ah-ing at all of the pretty things we wanted yet could not afford. Half-way through our day we took a pit stop at Sprinkles and picked up a few cupcakes for the week and then kept window shopping.

Around 4pm we were both starting to hit a wall so we headed back towards Millennium Park and took an early dinner at Hot Wok Cool Sushi, one of my all time favorite places to eat in the city. We chowed down and took a break from the rain. Afterwards we decided we saw everything we wanted to and head back to the train station. There we took a table at Starbucks and people watched until our train came.

Overall it was a wonderful daddy/daughter date. I will miss my dad so much this summer but I am glad we were both able to take one last full day off together to just have some fun.

Today is Father's day and sadly my dad had to go into work for most of the day but I hope my present for him makes him super happy and hopefully we will be able to go grab some food tonight, let's be honest it will probably be IHOP. My dad is the best guy in the world and he is so strong. I have always been a daddy's girl and I couldn't be any luckier to have him as my dad. After my mom passing about about 5 years ago he has been very strong and hard working to keep me happy and to keep our family going. Without his constant support and big hugs I don't think I would have accomplished as much as I have these last couple of years.

Thank you dad for being the best! <3


Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I feel like most people have a few regrets throughout their life. You know their usually simple ones like not snapping up that cute pice of clothing when you had the chance or having that second piece of cake before exercising, both of these situations I have been in.

Now those aren't really the regrets I'm having. I go through some little mood swings at times of stress or when I just feel like life isn't going right. I have come to the conclusion these bad and sad moods come about when the weather isn't great out despite me loving that gloomy, rainy weather. 

Yesterday I took a day trip with my dad to Chicago. We both wanted to go before I had to go to camp for work and we also were due for a daddy/daughter date. It was such a great day but sadly it was pretty rainy all day and a little chilly. Now we both knew it was going to rain so we brought umbrellas but it was just much worse then we expected. Overall like I said before a great day but then today was still pretty gloomy here in Holland and having both days back to back kind of set me off.

When I get in my depressed/sad mood it generally happens at night before I go to bed and I start thinking about things which leads me to my eyes filled with tears and lots of snot.

Now tonight I had on my mind of not wanting to go to camp because that meant I had to go back to college. I don't want to go back because my grades aren't doing great and I am super stressed. I also am not in love with where I am going but that's another problem that is linked to not being in love with Holland, I just don't belong here. That lead to me starting to be unhappy with my relationship. Now that's a huge, big problem that has come up recently but I will post another time about that because it is just a huge thing.

Overall I cried myself dry, bundled up, went downstairs, and turned on the TV. I have relaxed a bit and am feeling much better. I though a quick post about these little problems would help and also make me realize I am very blessed to be where I am in life and must take everything in stride.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Zoo Day

So last week my boyfriend R took me to the zoo! We went all the way over to Binder Park Zoo because it is quiet amazing. I was super excited because I hadn't been to the zoo in forever and this was our last big date/adventure before he left for camp for the summer.

It was such a long day but it was wonderful. We left Holland at about 11am and arrived at the zoo by 12:30pm. When we got there we had arrived at the same time as several elementary school field trip classes. Being around all the excited little kids made me even more excited to be at the zoo and also made me want to pick up and child and steal it, they were so cute! Once R and I got in the zoo we wondered around a few of the small animal exhibits and petting zoo before heading off to the Africa portion of the zoo.

We had a nice little train ride around the zoo, a lovely lunch, fed some giraffes, and saved a couple turtles.

After seeing everything it was about 3:30pm-ish and then stopped at a Tim Horton's for a little caffeine boost. On our way home we had to stop and save a turtle on the side of the road. After helping out the little guy we continued on our way home.

Overall it was such a great day! Any day can be made great if you go to the zoo!
A beautiful bald eagle

A couple of kookaburras

Don't mind the free roaming peacocks

Hello Mr.Owl, this was a beautiful owl who had been rescued because he lost an eye and was struggling out in the world.

Prairie dog

Look up in the tree a red panda!

A male white peacock


The cheetahs were so beautiful and were purring away. They reminded me of my kitties at home.

A very old tortoise

A couple of monkeys in a tree

I got to feed and pet this beautiful giraffe

One of my favorite animals, zebras

A couple of wallabies

And to finish off the trip a few cockatoos